Welcome to Wodor Group

Wodor Group is a Danish production and export company, specialized in Point Of Use water coolers.

At Wodor Group we value quality and service and our goal is to deliver more than just superior products to our partners.

The people behind Wodor have been in the business since the late 90's and their extended experience and passion for POU water coolers is expressed within the products we deliver today.


Enki was an ancient Sumerian creator god of water and crafts, perfectly encapsulating the idea of water and design. Wodor and Jacob Jensen Design shared a vision when we designed the ENKI™ water cooler. ENKI™ should be a tribute to life and the vitalizing effects of water. It should provide and present water in beautiful and inviting settings and it should honour water as the source of energy and vitality to man.

We believe that together we have achieved our vision and created a unique design - ENKI™ is unlike any other water cooler in the market, suitable for quality oriented customers and audience in  

  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Conference centres
  • Department stores
  • Shops  
  • Shopping malls
  • Private homes


Every generation has its pioneers. People striving to change the way we see and experience our surroundings. Jacob Jensen is one of those people. Throughout 50 years he has contributed to our understanding and appreciation of how things surrounding us can be. With a unique and classic design Jacob Jensen has shown us that Hi-fi music systems, telephones, watches, cars, modems, wind turbines and many other everyday items are able to contain a simple and pure beauty.

This innovative force places Jacob Jensen Design among the world's most respected design companies. The company has received more than 100 international awards and is represented in museums all over the world. 19 products designed by Jacob Jensen are currently displayed at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York).

For more information about Jacob Jensen Design please refer to www.jacobjensen.com
Wodor - Fabrikvej 11 | DK-8260 Viby J | telefon +45 87 34 77 77  | fax +45 86 28 68 63  | E-mail: info@wodor.com

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